Motion Capture Services

Hello all, we’re gauging interest in affordable custom motion capture in the Unreal Engine community. The question is, is there enough interest in such a service here among unreal developers? we believe that we can deliver very acceptable custom re-targetable motions at a low price point that may interest people around here. We would aim to deliver clean custom actor motion capture for less than the price of generic motions from the big guys on a per-animation basis.

Yeah, I’m very interested. I’ve been looking for custom motion captured animation services for a while now. I need custom animations for my game title - Adrayvia.

Here’s a playlist showing the progress on Adrayvia:

My mail:
My Skype ID: IBMAXX1

You can reach out so we can discuss more about how you work, the pipeline, and your rates. Thanks.

How much do you charge?

Hi Void Softworks,

I have a few questions:

  1. Is this your website? Perhaps a Website URL posted somewhere in your profile or signature.
  2. Can you elaborate on what type of Motion Capture Service (and Products) you’re offering? Are they specific to UnrealEngine 4’s Animation System?
  3. Are you pre-generating unique Animation packages for distribution in online Marketplaces? We’ve had our fair share of Zombie animations…:rolleyes:
  4. Can you extend or modify existing pre-generated animation, if raw data is provided? I’ve purchased a few Animation Packages from the UnrealMarketplace I would like to customized.
  5. If yes to question above, what formats will you accept raw mocap data in (ie: *.bvh)? Additionally, I’m setting up a in-house markerless mocap studio with xbox 1 Kinect, Leap Motion and Brekel. I’m not looking forward to the animation clean up and plan to outsource these tasks.

I would be very interested in a Online Self-serve MoCap Service that can analyze and generate human/animal motion capture data from 2D videos. I would like it to be as simple as recording videos of the movements I’m looking for with my Cellphone, Upload, Submit, Preview, Pay, Download.

Thanks for reading. Look forward to your responses.