Motion Capture Services

Hello all, we’re gauging interest in affordable custom motion capture in the Unreal Engine community. The question is, is there enough interest in such a service here among unreal developers? we believe that we can deliver very acceptable custom re-targetable motions at a low price point that may interest people around here. We would aim to deliver clean custom actor motion capture for less than the price of generic motions from the big guys on a per-animation basis.

Still gauging interest. If any body wants to talk about Motion Capture for their games contact me.

Do you have a web site offering your services?

How many cameras are you running ?

We are working on the services page of our website currently. We use Perception Neuron at the Studio and its works amazingly.

Well as an animator I would say that in general there is a need for low cost solutions in general in the world of Indy development but when it comes to animation it’s like trying to write a book where the ongoing story is developed by trying out different ideas that fits the plot and an animator by profession I’m like a mechanic who already have a large tool box, catalogue, of raw motion capture data that I can use as a base for any kind of common action as to moving a character in 3d space.

As an opinion almost anything ground related can already be had via low cost packages or even for free but for Unreal 4 what I feel is needed is more focused matched sets that will work with blend spaces of actions that are not ground related. Things like an 8-way wall climb for adventure games for example. Climbing a vertical ladder, swimming would be useful. Can you do Parkour?

What about performance capture?

So sure there will be interest in motion capture but more so the interest would be in to what extent can you provided as a service?

I am interested in this as well :slight_smile:

Yes we have a range of people who have experience in parkour, as well as a few different martial arts and some dancers. We also have a talent pool we can draw from for anything else you would need.

OK so what you’re saying with out actually saying it is that you not a bunch of kids with a home brew MoCap lab in someones garage looking to make some beer and pizza money. :smiley:

If your company can provided Indy Direct assets based on need at an affordable price then it’s something our group would be interested in. Not many, not one that I could find, AAA mocap studios are set up to offer services with in the Indy space.

HaHa! yes FrankieV that is exactly what I’m saying. Thanks for interpreting for me. :slight_smile:

if you get some mocap data to something different to european Sword combat I would be really interested. I’m looking^since summer (without luck) time to oriental combat styles (Staff, Samurai, claw combat,) mocaps