Motion capture hardware alternative to Kinect

Reading Kinect for Windows v2 specs need Win8 and USB3, that I didn’t have at present time.

There are other equivalent alternatives?

I just need skeleton motion tracking, nothing more, but with the widest possible range (>4mt on multiple subjects).

For little budgets you will “soon” be able to buy a PrioVR or Perception Neuron.

If you need to do mocap before this stuff is available you’ll have to find a mocap studio in your area. There are online services that will mocap the movements you want, too.

My project need to be done June 2015, but we need to do design and test much before since the artistic side evaluations that need to be taken in account.

There are no way to do mocap without wearing all this sensors?

Need to track dancers, absolutely not the kind of person that like to wear geeky gadget performing on stage.

@davide445 - current mocap technology does not use hardware sensors. Look at any DVD documentary from any film and you’ll see that they use what looks like paper (or fabric) with the design printed on it. The sensors are old school.

Sorry I didn’t get this: Neuron it’s stated to be a 3 axis gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, on board calculator and data output wireless emitter.
Maybe I did use a wrong term.

Several PlayStation Eyes about 4 should do and IPISoft Mocap Studio.

Hope I was helpful :slight_smile:

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Really nice system, only I read its working not in realtime since request post recording processing.

What will need it’s something such as Kinect able to return directly the skeleton motion so that I can use the info to animate in realtime the characters.