Motion Capture Clean-Up

Looking for someone talented with MotionBuilder or other animation programs to help us speed up a project we hope to ship late March/Early April for the release of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. We have recorded all the body and facial motion capture of the actors, we really just need help now cleaning it up and applying it to our 3D characters. We used the perception neuron body kits to get animation so there are quite a few random freak outs and its overall kind of wonky, but with quite a bit of tweaking it seems to be coming out okay. We recorded reference footage that really helps.

If you’re good at this sort of thing email me at and I’ll go into detail on the project. Thanks!

You can import the bvh file into unreal and then use the BVH asset to drive the 3D characters.
This may be able to help you: