Mother & Child game of dread.

Starting this thread to help me stay accountable as much as possible. With that being said, here are 2-3 videos and some 3d file links to check out.

I’m going to try to develop a puzzle game with a theme of terror and mystery. The game design itself is evolving as the art comes in. I’m doing everything so far from IDEA>ART>DESIGN>PROGRAMMING.

Tools I use consistently are: 3d coat, zbrush, photoshop, ue4(obviously) and mixamo. For now. Here is some videos of progress:



Jans by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Jans walking by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Breathing Idle by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Oh, I can’t watch your youtube videos.
But I can see your very fantastic models. Awesome.

Are the videos available now? I had them private, they should now be public.

Progress 2.


[FONT=Arial Black]MODELS
My Trusted Child by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Red by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Love it – your character designs are just a class by themselves! Looking forward to seeing where you go with this…

Thanks so much! I appreciate the positive feedback. :slight_smile:

The character/creature design is great! I’m curious to see some environements too, your game looks very interesting. :smiley:

The environment is going to be as baron as it appears in the game. I want it to be like little vignettes that you have to walk to and solve the puzzle to prevent… father from waking up. :wink:

Thanks for the love.

Progress 3.

My goals are simple as of now. Make the assets get them in the game, and then build the game mechanics right after.

I’m letting the art drive the design of the game and the experience. I have ideas in mind, but since my goal is simply to make a dreadful puzzle game, I think the art and narrative will be the substance of this project.


[FONT=Arial Black]

Terror and blade by robotpencil on Sketchfab

the character look scary and weird, although the porpotion look weird but overall is great

Thanks for the feedback! These might just be placement designs and perhaps coming in and making major more polish changes will make sense after! Love the insight!

Added one more dude.


[FONT=Arial Black]3D MODEL

Son of Iron and Steel by robotpencil on Sketchfab

Progress 4.