Most Stable Version?

What UE4 Version is currenlty the most stable? I’ve noticed that there are people out there using older versions, why?

You will hate my answer, but “it depends on your game”. There are always some bugs here and there that can potentially break one of YOUR features. When you start your project, I recommend using the latest version, because it has the newest features which also contain big improvements to make your game run faster. However, this doesn’t mean it’s more stable. When working on a big engine, every bigger update introduce some new bugs, but until you find them in your project, it’s probably already 2 late.

However, if this update to the engine fixes your problem and you want update your game, there is also the possibility that other parts of your code can break when implementing the new code of the engine. That is sometimes the bigger issue. Therefore, people rather stay in the older version than switching, because switching can be even worse than just doing a workaround for your game. <3

To add a little to what Nin was saying… If your features are working on this or that engine version and you do not encounter any game killing bugs…stick with the version and do not upgrade… Just a suggestion…

Ya… So… This isn’t helpful at all. I just lost my windows partition and I am not going back to M$ ever. I have attempted 4.18 that is totally broken (which is to be expected) and also in an attempt to get 4.15 I accidentally built 4.17 which can’t even build lighting. It just starts and goes but lighting is not built. They are completely unusable. So honestly you just have to find a version that works in your architecture. Which sucks because everybody is using different distros and chipsets.