Most reliable method for cpu profiling of the game thread

hello everyone,
i hope you are all doing great
so i wanted to ask about the Most reliable method for cpu profiling of the game thread
the profiler tool in ue4 just show me alot of data i cant really get something out of it .
what i need is something like the network profiler but for cpu game thread.
the network profiler gives me a list of actors and their time , count total data.
also gives me list of properties and rpcs .
i need the same but for cpu, like for each actor , how much time did it consume each tick , what functions are being called the most and their execution time.
the closest thing i found is CONSOLE: stat DumpFrame -ms=0.1
but the the result view is not great ,
is there a way to improve it’s view or is there a tool to view it like the network profiler ?
i appreciate every tip and help
thank you in advance

Hi Hashem,

I just wanted to mention Unreal Insights. There is network profiling in Unreal Insights as well, but I assume you were referring to this network profiler tool in your post.

Hope that helps!

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yes indeed i was talking about Network Profiler | Unreal Engine Documentation not insights .
as for insights for such image

i cant really see any game related functions , they are all engine functions

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Maybe your game related functions run so fast that they don’t show up?

Or you didn’t instrument the functions such that they can be profiled, with the tracing framework:

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cant it just trace everything like the Network Profiler | Unreal Engine Documentation ?

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The network profiler knows what you do on the network, because all the networking code goes through a central marshaling system.

C++ code execution doesn’t go through any central system, and thus can’t automatically be traced. You have to add tracing macros in the places that you care about.


okay , guess it will be that then , thanks