Most Performant latent Bp Node


what are the the most performance friendly latent nodes. I’ve heard in some devtalk that timers > timelines but other than that I find it rather difficulty to chose the right node. Can somebody bring the common nodes in some kind of order?

-Timer Functions
-Timer Delegates
-others I may don’t think of atm

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this may help you

I think thats the video where I got the information about Timers > Timelines, however they don’t mention delays or if there’s a difference between Timer Function and Timer Delegates afaik.

I have done some tests on my own now, it appears the cost is generally rather cheap and for my machine becomes noticeable when there about 10k actors running latent functions. Delays are more expensive than timers, timer delegate or function doesn’t seem to make much difference. Timelines are probably worst but I didn’t test them.

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