Most new free content for newer versions?

Why is most of the new free epic content for newer versions? What about those not using the newer versions yet due to plugins or other limiting factors?

It makes sense, plus the new content could be using features that aren’t available on older versions.

Well even the stuff like the Infinity Blade castle and hideout, isn’t that from earlier versions?

I agree its true for a lot of the monthly freebies! That said, in May there were 4 of 5 packs that went back as far 4.18 iirc.
But for Props / Environments / UI anyway, its not wise for Marketplace creators to only offer the last 3 engine versions!!!

For example, Sci-FiSpaceCockpitsUI should ideally work back to 4.18. Especially when the competitors here + here do.:wink:

Whereas for Blueprints / Plugins / FX / Anim-Character packs etc, it may be too difficult to maintain packs back that far.
The last universally stable version of the engine was 4.18 imo. Other threads have shown devs agree. Creators take note!

He’s talking about Epic content, not general marketplace content.

It’s in Epic’s interest to make sure everyone is on the later versions, to have access to more features, and to make sure people don’t run into old, solved, bugs.
One way of putting that pressure on developers and the market, is to make new stuff only work on new versions.
If you need some plugin that’s not updated, that should mean that the plugin developer feels the pressure to update as well.
If the plugin is abandoned, you’re probably short on luck and need to find an alternative.
While it may be reasonable to “lock” the engine version when you’re getting towards the shipping end of a project, you should plan to spend some time keeping up with updates in general, because it will save you more time overall than it costs to do it.

Yea , sometimes there is various reasons one cannot up their version , so if they are at some of the older versions then they can’t use the newer stuff , like I am at 4.20 , but there is an issue with navigation invokers when moving up versions (i’m still trying to sort this and move at least to 4.22), but yea, generally I was referring to the epic content. Though even for marketplace content , it would seem more engine versions might mean more sales. As there are a couple later version things I would buy if I could use them.