Most Important Options?

Hello UE4 users, quick question. What do you feel as devs and players are the most important options to have in a game? By options I mean video, audio, controls, etc.

It helps if you look at some existing games and see what types of options they have, some won’t apply depending on the technology you’re using but there’s some basic stuff there that people will expect.

As a heavy gamer I like to have fine control over how my visuals are presented. So a quick list would be:
Texture Size
Geometry Detail
LOD Distance
Foliage Quality
Shadow Size
Shadow Distance
Ambient Occlusion
Post Processing effects(individually turn off bloom, lens flare, CA, etc, I hate those features)
Lighting Quality
UI Scaling

I hate it when games ship with just Low, Medium, High settings as I know my computer can handle much more than what the developers deemed necessary. I love digging around in config files to push things to the limit.