Most efficient way to play/stage a series of 360 videos


I’m a new UE4 designer. Right now I’m making an immersive, desktop-bound, exploratory and explanatory science ‘game’ where the user learns by entering trigger-able 360º videos.

Right now I am working with one level, and the spheres are triggered to appear and play the 360 video at the location of each respective trigger. In effect, the spheres are placed +/- along a path.

I intend for the user to walk along the path and into each trigger, at which point their movement will be locked, they’ll be able to pan the camera around and watch the 360 video, then move on when it’s done, then enter the next trigger.

*QUESTION: Is this the most efficient way? Should I instead have each trigger launch the sphere+video in a separate level? And then have the user hit a button to return to the main level with the path?

Thank you.