Most efficient way to mod max values of...

Hello everyone!

I am just starting out with the dev kit, with a (what I thought) was a simple task. My goal is to modify all weapons, armor, and saddles to have a max obtainable value that is not utterly rediculous…for instance, weapons with 750%+ damage, or flak armor woth over 1200 armor per piece.

I know where I WANT the values to be. However, this kit is…mind blowing. I have read and watched the tutorials, and feel as lost as I did when I first loaded it up. That will eventually pass, yet, I want to know if what I am doing is more easily done elsewhere, like in an .ini file.

The ultimate goal is to make the server I play on more pvp friendly. When the only reliable way to take someone out is to club them(with a rediculous percentage, of course), it takes a lot away from the experience. So, I figured a mod would be able to “fix” the servers balance issues.

Thank you all for your time, and the amazing forum!

TL: DR- Want to balance armor…best done with mod, or ini files?