Most efficient way to build/update assets.

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around setting up my content creation pipeline.

Currently I’m doing this:

  1. Build asset in Max/texture in Photoshop.
  2. Set up UV’s in Max, export to FBX.
  3. Import asset and texture in to Unreal content browser, place in scene.

Now, if I want to update the asset either by changing the model in Max or the texture in Photoshop, how do I efficiently get those updated assets into Unreal?

The right click and “reimport” function does not seem to do anything.

If you properly re-exported the FBX file from 3ds Max, to where it was previously imported from, then “re-import” should work.
Genrally, I think you want the folder containing your FBX and texture files to live inside the project itself, and thus export from Max to that project folder, to make sure the link stays “intact.”
Also, you probably want a simple Max script to do the export as a utility button click, so that it’s done the same way each time, for consistency.