Most Annoying feature of ADK...Workshop description

So learning ADK and UE4 this past week has been a challenge to say the least. But I got a working mod built and it feels very rewarding. I type up a very nice description on the workshop and pat myself on the back. But then I learned something new and needed to update my mod. I Make the changes. Update the mod. Check Steam and… MY WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION IS DELETED DOWN TO THE SINGLE LINE THAT FITS IN THE ADK DESCRIPTION BOX!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. remove the description section of the uploader. It is a useless feature

For now I will be making a saved text doc so I don’t have to rewrite my description with every update to my mod.

You can fit a large description into the box. Edit your workshop description and then copy it and paste it into dev kit description and it will be formatted the same as it shows in workshop

Good to know, Thanks.

Yes you can do that, but it does not always transfer all of the text in the upload. Links usually don’t make it, and if you post a link, usually the stuff after it gets booted from your description. I would actually recommend just filling out the patch notes, and then updating your description from a text document on the steam page

I’ve found this to be the best practice.

Edit \ARKDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs(your mod name).vdf

remove line 8: “description” “%DESCRIPTION%”

If you want to stop descriptions on Steam being overwritten permanently, remove line 8 from the master template:

Edit \ARKDevKit\ModTools\SteamVDF.template