Game title: Mortuarium.
Team member: Alexios.
Engine: Unreal Engine 4.
Plaforms: Windows, maybe Linux и Mac.

The game is not about another super macho with huge biceps and shotgun. Our hero is thin and short guy. He wear his glasses and driving on a his own wheelchair. His mother had left him in maternity hospital after she knew he never can walk.
On his maturity birthday he got social flat on a edge of a city, a social job for disabled people on another part of a city. Also a innovation security system operator’s courses was successfully finished and he have got a diploma.

Now, bad news.
Another man was searching a proper candidate during long time. Luckily, the innovation security system was installed in a morgue that he headed and near orphan shelter have started a security operator education program. He prayed with a passion and his prays was heard. He was happy, a pure, innocent person will step in by own free will . An orphan haven’t parents, relatives, friends. None will search if one will have been got lost. He and his followers will able start a ritual! They will pray, but at beginning the pit should will have dug.

Gameplay is typical for camera managment genre. Player interact with about dozen cameras and doors.
The main goal is stay living till sunrise. Closing door in front of enemy face is good idea to stay alive. Also watching walking dead activity is usefull to prevent creeping in shadows or a rush sprint towards the doors.

2 game modes.
9 difficult levels.
Several enemy behaviors.


I am sorry, but I couldn’t upload screenshots to the forum. I can’t know what is wrong with me. :frowning: Please visit the indiedb to check screenshots Sorry!

Steam Greenlight

Hello, everybody!
I have submited the game to Steam Greenlight!
Please help me to bring it to life!