Morteza's Tests

Hello Everyone, I decided to start a new thread and post My tests in here, I hope that it be ok and you guys find my works interesting.

My First Test is a RealvsUnreal Cornell Box Test.
the photo is from Maxwell render test.

the first tests were absolutely Awful, but current result is a lot better.
i still need to work on it.
i will also post a test with VXGi Soon.


Wow, fantastic work. is the left one the real one? Looks a bit less perfect than the right one.

Thank you.

The refraction on the sphere cracks me up.
It’s really good! I would definitely add some deformation and lifting to the bottom corners of the boxes so you get that dark AO from the left hand side. That small imperfection/dent you have on the front of the big box looks really good.

Same test with VXGi.
it was pretty good. but somehow I wasn’t able to get shadow for my translucent objects so I duplicated the glass objects assigned an opaque material to them and set them to render on a different pass.
the shadow that you see doesn’t really cast from the glass materials.

Great work.
How did you achieve those caustics?

The left one is the real one, look up at the ceiling. U can see the walls glueed on :3

They are Fake! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:
with Decals.

but they work pretty good and realistic. I will make a video just for Caustics later.

Here another one with a bit of work on AO and some other stuff to make it look less Perfect and Clean, also added a little noise in photoshop.
it may look a bit closer to photo
check it out in first post

My Tests on interactive Architecture Visualization.

Some 3D scan Test.


some tests on making desert in ue4
its not the most realistic result but the feeling of driving around the desert was good and that’s what i was after

material quality of Unreal is amazing and it can really be as good as renderers like mentalray or vray but the lighting is really tricky, you can achieve what you want but its not that easy.
in the top scene no matter what i did it always left some shadow on top of objects, i ended up cleaning it in photoshop. i could add a little more distance between objects and background but that would make the scene look odd from other angles.