Mortar Trajectory

How to make motar trajectory using BP like this image
alt text

it’s just a projectile with gravity, you can create one adding a projectile component, by default it’s going to have gravity applied to the movement, but if you want to calculate where the mortar is going to fall it’s just some basic physics, position in Z Sz (atual position in Z)=Soz(initial position in Z) + Voz(initial velocity).t(time) +a(acellaration(gravity, in this case gravity is negative)).t²/2, if your map is a plane in Z=0 then you can set the final position (Sz) to 0 and isolate t

, then from the result you will discover how long it will take to the projectile fall to the ground, so with this t you can discover where (in x and y) the projectile will fall