Mortal Kombat X using UE4?

So i’m sure most of you have seen the new Mortal Kombat teaser and since they used UE3 for the last MK i was wondering if they’re using UE4 for this one?

It’s hard to tell if the teaser is actually in-engine but it has a lot of UE4 rendering traits to it and if you look closely it seams like some of the ice and snow particles were taken from the elemental demo, it looks like it was made in-engine with UE4 and has some post effects like the smoke which were added in via a video program afterwards - It also looks like they might have added a soft deformation system to the engine similar to what one of the other forum members was working on.

If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here

They’re using a highly custom version of UE3.

Scorp has no chance against Sub-Zero

I’m under the impression the trailer is pre-rendered.

the teaser looks very nice, awesome graphics, but i think it is using the ue4, i remember to saw an article where nether realm studio told that the new mortal kombat will be released only in the next gen consoles (ps4 and xbox one), if they are using ue3 why not release the game also on ps3 and xbox 360?

that’s my opinion.

Yeah, it is UE4, i just read a few articles talking about it if you google you can find a bunch of them, none of them say if the teaser is in-engine though but if you stop it or slow it down you can tell it isn’t pre-rendered

Nope, it’s UE3:

thanks for the info KitatusStudios … but still looks very nice MKX

Thanks for digging deep and confirming this one right off the bat KitatusStudios! Also, I think Greg Miller on IGN mentioned the other day that this is a pre-rendered trailer. However, it does appear that it could be CG mixed with gameplay as you can see what looks like aliasing around the backlighting on the characters and some of the textures look questionable. I do agree that UE3 is very powerful still and it’s understandable from a resource standpoint why they continued to evolve their internal modifications to the engine they had but I also agree with others that this will limit them from having a true next gen experience in either a gameplay or presentation standpoint since it has to work almost the same across all the last gen platforms. Ever since playing 1, 2, 3 and Ultimate 3 in the arcades as a kid, I’ve wanted something that resembled more of that realistic type of look instead of the cartoony look and animation they’ve had for quite a while following those installments. After I saw the trailer, I felt like that is where it’s going for X. Not too mention, it looks like Run is coming back!!! Finally!!! I’ll wait though to pass judgment since I heard we will see actual gameplay next week but if it resembles something more that looks like a small upgrade to Injustice, I’ll be extremely let down. Fingers crossed :wink:

UE3? awww… :frowning: oh well… at least they better add some graphical improvements to their “custom” UE3, MK9 was super light in my PC (hell even my 500$ laptop runs it at 60 fps) so I think there is room for improvement in the graphical side of things.

I hope they add plenty of new fatalities and x-rays :stuck_out_tongue: and make the levels more interactive.