Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection: remove the 53 fps cap


I want to know if its possible to remove the 53 fps cap that this game has, and make it work at 60 fps.

I know that 53 fps is the original framerate of the games, but it doesnt look smooth, if its possible, i prefer it to run at 60 fps

Such a strange framerate is probably tied to or dictated by hardware. Knowing MK, the animations and timing rely on that framerate. So the answer is probably no, it cannot be done or, if it can be done, it would ruin the experience and create inconsistent behaviours.

If you can get your hands on a G-sync / free-sync screen, it might help with the perception of smoothness, perhaps. Probably easier than to re-write the game…

Hi i agree you can’t do it.