Morphs / Blendshapes Import Issue

Using UE 4.21, 3dsmax 2014 (and 2017 for this issue)

Several bugs:

  1. “The name will be the name of the channel in the Morpher modifier.” (from docs) - doesn’t work, i get the names of the picked objects (box01,box02,box03 instead of blink,wink,smile).

  2. Not all morph targets are imported. After lots of experiments (3dmax 2014, 3dmax 2017, various models, and settings), i concluded that the exported file requires ALL Morph Targets (objects picked in morpher modifier) to physically Exist. In other words UE doesn’t care or read the morpher modifier, it wants those exact models. This never happened with Unity.

Note: my practice with morphers are to have staked edit polys (blinkLeft,BlinkRight,smile,angry…) on a single object(mesh), then pick them from the morpher. As expected, for my 40 facial morphers i got 1 blendshape in UE (and all 40 in Unity). And yes, there’s no difference in exporting with FBX exporter 2014 (3dsmax 2014) or 2017.

1 source for all morphs:

Separate source for each morph:


Thank you for your attention


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