Morphing female character

Hi all! I’m very happy to present new “Morphing female” asset for UE4!
It’s just female charachter, which you can use in your games.
But why this stuff is so wonderfull? - can you ask me…

  1. Pretty low poly count (<6500 tris) - mobile friendly!
  2. Seven necessary morphs to make your character individal (with UE4 in bones scaling and changing colors in base color channel of material capabilities - there is almost huge amount of character variations). If somebody wants more, please do not hesitate to ask me [EMAIL=“”]
  3. Three basic heads with rigged eyes.
  4. MIXAMO and legacy Unreal’s humanoid rig is ready to use(very fast prototyping capabilities)
  5. Body and head parts are separated - you can make your own character in seconds (perhaps with lion head - if you have lion’s head model, of course)
  6. Fully textured in 2k resolution. (don’t forget - body and head are different parts).
  7. Bikini model included (it is also separate part, and also there is two textures of body with/without nipples are there).
  8. That is perfect start to make your own customization system in your game, independently of a genre, I think…
  9. There is also files for Maya and Motionbuilder (with setupped rig), to them of customers, who will need it.

Best regards.

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Here is video about some of customizing techniques:

  1. Cyborg
  2. Horn
  3. Wing

Please don’t be very critical - that is just very fast stuff.
As for skeletons for wings and such things - head already have separate skeleton to control eyes(for now it is very simple solution, but I did not decide yet wich technique to use to animate face), so it’s not a big deal to make them
P.S. Unexpectedly my model is in blueprints section of market, instead characters…Pretty funny

I see you some what answer my questions. I have more questions can I sent you an e-mail?

****Of course, I am interested in my present or potential customers, feel free to write me with any question.

I can make more videos about my stuff, but currently I don’t know what would be interesting to others. However some things you want means also some blueprints coding practice…