Morphing (and impulse) not working in 4.25.3

Hey everybody.

I’m making a pinball game and can’t get the slingband to ‘morph’ out (from a neutral position to stretching out like rubber band) - and also it isn’t sending impulse to the ball. Both don’t appear to be working but collision seems to be detected – I added a print sprint of ‘BOING’ to show that the ball and actor overlap is occurring. At least I think that means collision is working.

Here is the collision in BP_Slingshot:

Here’s the EventGraph:

Here’s the timeline (slingbounce):

I have screenshots also of the M_MorphBand and a from the tutorial showing the slingshot snapping out of and giving impulse to the ball - but ran out of allowed attachments! (Can I post them under replies?)

First time posting on UE Answers so apologies for not formatting this correctly.

The pinball game was made following instructions in a Udemy course with Chris, the Epic Evangelist

Any help is appreciated. Is there a way to achieve the desired effect without morph that would be great too.