Morph3D - Daz3d is getting into video game character creation

About Darwin and Morph Lab

Morph 3D Is About The Best Characters In The Most Places

When Will it be out?

All of this information is directly from their site which i listed above.

What about licensing and commercial uses ? What modules must you buy ?

This is what I got from browsing around the net.

Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with Morph3d

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Things are still up in the air from what I can tell but from what I can see they are looking to better support game devs.

This looks very good (although their licences could be better). Any info on poly count, decimation and LODs?

Hey Jez,

I did some more digging last night. They plan to give away the base male and female characters away for free as well as some of the tools.


If you want information on Polycount of the character as well as LODs you will need to download Unity3D. As that is the only option that I see so far besides contacting them.

It’s the Genesis model but with optimized materials.

The model in the example is the Genesis 2 Female model.


I guess you meant Daz3D.:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope there is a similar system for Unreal 4 in the future, do not like the confusion in regards to licensing, just a headache to read.

I hope the UE4 marketplace will have some kind of next-gen character creator that uses the UE4 skeleton for animations. Right now there is only a handful of assets and most of them are ported from old unity assets.

When the finish with the Unity, 3dMax, and Maya plugins they will do one for Unreal engine.

Is That true? Did they tell you.

Hey Zatoi Check this thread out

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+1 Vote for Morph3D with UE4 Support!

Actually, I do need realtime, lower-poly versions of the stuff on the Daz3D store. Otherwise I might have to do a lot of compositing for my comic book idea, etc.

Daz3D is IMO sitting on a 3D character gold mine with their Daz3D store. Making it seamlessly integrate for realtime engines would be huge for them.