Morph targets. Thin to muscle or fat

I want to make my character be able to do one of two things: Grow fat or grow muscle.

I imagine that this should be accomplished via morph targets. But morph targets seem to use frame 0 to frame 1.

My question is; If I put a thin character in frame 0.5 (which should be the middle)
and in frame 0 (which should be the beginning) the fat morph, and in frame 1 put the muscle morph, Can I start the character at 0.5 and then set the blue prints to gradually allow him to get fatter or more muscular depending on his life choices?

A morph target value is just a variable.
Usually its not even bound go be between 0 and 1.
You can start it at whatver you want (on begin play event for single player, and loading old states).

You can have a ton of different morph targets, and you can also set the compiler to execute them on the CPU side rather then the GFX side.

However modifying a character this way requires a lot of work.
You can’t for instance dress him up in clothing and have the morph affect those without replicating the actual morph.

You also cannot or probably won’t be able to adjust collision or character mass for physics handling unless you specifically code things to also affect those values.

I believe that morph targets can fight each other (be assigned to same or shared verticies) - you may want to check the facial morph livestreams for more info on what is possible.

Thank you so much, yes. I got it in using Zbrush (inflat etc) and Blenders (Join to shape). Amazingly it worked and is in Unreal engine with morph targets. I even was able to do it with mixamo animations. So now I just have to see if I can do the same with some clothes make sure they morph with the character and attach it too some kinda of food/excercise system in Unreal engine blueprints.

Again thank you very much for your quick answer.

Np. Glad it helped.