Morph targets that are updated programmatically stop working at a large distance from a player

The morph targets are on skeletal mesh components that are attached to an actor.
Is there some way to keep an actor awake that I’m not aware of?
There is a way around this that I can try, which is using SkeletalMeshActorMAT actors in a different and more awkward setup than just configuring components, but maybe there’s a way to just stop actors from going to sleep when they’re too far away.

you can’force higher lods for that actor maybe

i was able to fix this by digging deep into the docs and using

“SkelComp.bUpdateSkelWhenNotRendered = true;”

that value is always set to true on SkeletalMeshActorMAT which is why they were animating for me…
however I found that the morph target updates are all jerky now, and I’ve seen this issue before.
I wish there was a way to make this object just be considered rendered… it’s seen through a Camera Capture Component so it’s pretty far from the main camera.

ok, new discovery, even though code comments say that “ForceSkelUpdate()” is pointless to run if you’ve set bUpdateSkelWhenNotRendered to true… it actually does have a point

if you run it every frame, you will remove the morph target jerkiness :slight_smile:

Did you find any new way of doing this without running something every frame as this is not very efficient? :sweat_smile:

I have noticed that even if you set View distance to near or medium they won’t work anymore too

Somebody sent me ths and it worked basically. Btw if your morph targets aren’t really as you want them on those lod’s then you need to make the lod’s yourself with their morph targets and reimport. You can’t only edit the lod’s morph targets

I did not find anything, the plan is to run ForceSkelUpdate only when it’s necessary, depending on whether objects are close to the player, at a certain point in the level, etc, so the code is not running on too many objects at once.
Also this is for UE3.

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