Morph targets on sub components

I’d like to set individual morph targets on components, using blueprints.

In the construction Blueprint it all works OK till I set “master pose” then it looks like I can only apply targets to the “master” skeletal mesh.

IF is do this with names of morph targets that only exist in the component skeletal mesh, it works in persona but not in the game.

i.e. the morph target of the sub component is applied when applying it to the “master” skeletal mesh, but only in persona, not in the game.

Which behavior is right, should the morph appear in game ? or is persona wrong for allowing the morph to be set ?

Regards W Jones

For those interested, you can work around this issue, by setting morph targets in the event blueprint triggered by a BeginPlay event. I believe that only morphs referenced in the construction blueprint work in the event blueprint.

Would still be great if someone could say if this behaviour is intentional it seams a little weird to me.