Morph targets not working

I am no longer able to get morph targets to work.

I import the mesh as exported from 3ds max 2017 - using either FBX 2015-2016 OR 2016-2017.

As I understand it this currently won’t import morhps, and that currently I need to edit the mesh, select import morphs and then reimport the mesh.

This step imports the morphs in as much as they now appear in the morph target window (on the right), but they don’t actually effect the mesh when activated (i.e put a 1 in as the value for that morph).

This is with a brand new project.

Then you better delete the old one (even in your Content Browser), and then reimport the new one… It might actually solve it…!

Not sure I understand… this is a brand new project created in 4.17 no other content.

I import the mesh in either of the FBX versions and I end up with the same behavior, which is :

Morph targets not working, even after re-importing the mesh with morph targets enabled in the import options.

Then it MUST be an issue with 3rd Party software that you exported from… Check your exporting options… that’s the only way to cure this I think!!

OK there is an issue with 3ds max 2017 where is the skin modifier is applied after the morphs then 3ds max doesn’t export the morphs - the workaround is to cut, then paste the skin modifier back after the morphs are created.

Doing this gives the following when trying to apply the morph in unreal:

LogStats: FPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump - 0.001 s
LogOutputDevice: Error: === Handled ensure: ===
LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: DynamicData->MorphTargetWeights.Num() == LODModel.MorphTargetVertexInfoBuffers.GetNumMorphs() [File:D:\Build++UE4+Release-4.17+Compile\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\SkeletalRenderGPUSkin.cpp] [Line: 388]
LogOutputDevice: Error: Stack:
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DE2F3E36
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DE07C2D2
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DE094746
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Engine.dll!0x00000000DB9B417B
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Engine.dll!0x00000000DB9CD6A2
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Engine.dll!0x00000000DB97A445
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Engine.dll!0x00000000DB993696
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DDF424F5
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DDF42ADA
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-RenderCore.dll!0x00000000E7301FB1
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-RenderCore.dll!0x00000000E7303076
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DE2F0EA8
LogOutputDevice: Error: UE4Editor-Core.dll!0x00000000DE2E70AC
LogOutputDevice: Error: kernel32.dll!0x0000000076EF59CD
LogOutputDevice: Error: ntdll.dll!0x000000007702A561
LogStats: FDebug::EnsureFailed - 0.001 s

It’s better not to have any bones for skinning ( in my way of thinking )… But if you still need to export morphs and bones also… Then you must re-work on “Skin Modifier” right after “Morpher Modifier”, I mean don’t cut and paste Skin modifier from the back of Morpher modifier and repaste upon it 'cause it wouldn’t work finely… Use this method, If it isn’t working either… Then you should check the Exporting settings of FBX… 1. Make sure if you have “Morphs, Skins, Deformations” ticked in “Deformation” tab… 2. Make sure if you have “Bake Animation & Resample All” ticked in “Bake Animation”…

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Just to confirm, I am having this issue, the Morpher modifier is exporting correctly I’ve tested and can use them in 3dsmax but they will NOT import into UE5. and yes all prerequisite boxes are ticked for morph target importing.