Morph targets not working with skin modifier...

Hi everyone;
I’m using 3ds max for animation , and i’m exporting my character as a fbx file.
Skleton animation works fine but my morph targets are not coming to unreal. Morph target list seems empty.

if i delete skin modifier and export as it is then morph targets and animations works well.
what is wrong with my skin modifier?
is there something that i missed?

Best regards Eren.

Assuming that you have included morphs checked in the FBX exporter The morph Modifier needs to be below the skin modifier in 3ds Max

There’s a bug in Max and FBX export regarding morphs, what you need to do:

1 - save your skin data

2 - Copy your morpher modifer

3 - Delete both modifiers Skin and morpher.

4 - paste the morph back

5 - then apply a new skin and reassign/load all bones data again.

6 -export

The bug comes in when you have skinned the object first and later added the morpher modifer below, FBX expects morpher to be added first and then skinned in that order, for whatever reason.

Thank you so much William , it worked!