Morph targets not applied when captured by SceneCapture2D

My NPCs all share the same base human model that uses morph targets to customize facial features.

I have a system that when an NPC is created in the world creates a copy of the NPC below the level, applies the morph targets and takes a photo of the NPC with a ASceneCapture2D actor and saves the image with ConstructTexture2D off the scene capture actor render target.

In my UI when showing my NPC photos very rarely does the photo show any applied morph targets, though it sometimes does work. If I Pause the game using the Unreal Editor before the photos are taken, Eject, and move to the location where all my NPC photos are taken and Resume, then I see that the morph targets were all applied when the photos were taken.

My Eject test makes me think this is some LOD thing, but I do not have any LODs set. I have also seen some people have issues with GPU-based morph targets but I see the same behavior switching to CPU-computed morph targets.

I have also tried setting “Never Stream” on the skeletal mesh in question but still have the same problem. I need help with what to try next or an explanation of what is going on.