Morph targets makeing edges soft

when i blend my Morph targets on or have an animation which uses them is turns some of my hard edges soft. could this be a problem with my FBX export settings from maya? as i understood it the morph target is meant to have the same vert normals as the base mesh. any help would be fantastic.

Hi Finn, did you ever find a fix for this issue? I’m experiencing it as well. I’ve tried various things. Locking and unlocking the normals on the affected geometry, toggling each of the export settings and testing but haven’t been able to get around it. Thanks.

Any chance you could post the Maya files? It would be easier to debug.

I resolved this by checking “Preserve Smoothing Groups” in FBX import settings, you could try that.

Im having the same problems in 4.11. Morphs look great in Maya. In UE4, they deform my character.

as i understand it this was just a limitation of blend shapes in the engine. best to make the original mesh be all soft edged to begin with and then it will be consistent when blend shaped. that being said i see on road map that this has been fixed in 4.12. look forward to trying it :slight_smile:

I ran into this issue as well. All I had to do was select my mesh, and unlock the normals. You may need to re-soften or harden certain faces, but that fixed the issue for me.

if anyone is still searching for an answer, this is what worked for me.

i wanted to import a low poly model, mine craft character rig, into unreal engine and was having issues with morphs and blend shapes… i used blender to export FBX, settings of the export that worked for me are shown in the image below:

link to the image!