Morph target vert count = 0

… and therefor not working. As a beginner I’ve been trying to tackle this for 3 days now. Most of the morphs works fine but the animation is useless if some of them are not working.

Did you ever figure this out? I have a lot of zero vert morph targets too.

could you provide more info please? I`m not sure if I understand.

I ran into this issue and spent all day figuring it out. I was using Maya 2016.

No matter what I would do, a certain mesh’s blendshapes would not work in UE4. The “Vert Count” column would have 0 value for every morph target and no morph targets would work in the preview when changing values. Checked for 0 length faces, missing UV’s, missing materials, deleted history, made unique names for everything, even started a new scene on a new skeleton entirely.

Nothing worked, until I noticed an FBX export error that remained consistent, “Warning: Unable to export some materials”. To get rid of this error I exported my mesh as .obj and reimported back into the scene and set up the blendshapes again. IT WORKED!!!

Apparently in Maya there’s material history that can get locked away in the model that can only be deleted by exporting as obj. Go figure. Hope this helps someone!