Morph Target Shimmer/Flickering

Hi all, new Unreal user here!

I’m having an issue implementing morph targets on one of my skeletal meshes:

  1. While morphed in the preview window it gives off a weird shimmer/flickering effect.

  2. When at first this showed up in the level as well but when I disabled motion blur by bone it fixed it.

  3. However, it comes back when ever the morphed mesh is in a socket. OR it might just do it any time it’s in motion because there is a slight movement in my idle animation and I tried with it in a still pose and it seemed to only shimmer when I move.

  4. But the real kicker that’s breaking my brain is it works fine if only one morph target was applied. As soon as I add anything to that it will get wonky. No matter what the value so… from 0 to X morph target it’s all good, but from X to Y it causes a problem. BUT only when its attached to a socket.

Things I’ve tried:

Turning off lumen
Disabling motion blur on any mesh involved and on the project settings
re-importing the mesh
using a different mesh entirely
removing and trying different materials
tried different anti aliasing settings
Also tried having the blueprint clear the morph targets before applying another
also countless other random settings I cant remember toggling on and off hoping for a fix

Thanks guys! It’s probably something simple I’m missing. Also, here’s a couple pics. Its kind of hard to see the effect I’m talking about in a still screenshot but in game it’s really noticeable

Hello @MGScheu,
this is my favorite issue!

If I am not wrong…
You can try and try whatever you want, the issue is in the animation, the tensors of the keyframes are curves, then happens something like…