Morph target not working in Construction Script

When I use a timeline in simulate or PIE morphs work. But I can not get a morph to work in a construction script.

I image of dial I am trying to set face morph before game play.

Is this a known issue or is this as designed?

Anything on this?

Hey Shoiko,

Sorry for delay in response. We were able to reproduce this issue internally, and I have entered a new bug report for our developers to look over (UE-4489). I will let you know when I see an update on this. Thanks for your report!

Any news about this issue ? Was it fixed ?

This was working in following release. Have not tested this since though.

It seems not to work in 4.11

What did you do to show “morph” option at details panel? ( if you can remember )

Hey ,

Set Morph Target does not function in Construction Script (and now cannot be added to it) because Set Morph Target requires a game tick before it can function.


I’m in 4.13 and just put a “set morph target” in construction script. Is it an error that I was even able to add that node? So there’s no solution for having a model default to a morphed shape in editor? It works fine with EventBeginPlay instead, but not when simulating.

Like I said before, Set Morph Target requires a tick to function. When it is used in construction script, no such tick occurs (even in simulate).

No idea if anyone still has this issue but in 4.16 at least (didn’t test other versions) you can accomplish this by setting morph target in event graph of anim blueprint instead.

In your main BP you can create a float variable named MorphValue and expose it (click eye icon). Then in your animation blueprint go to event graph and hook up Event Blueprint Initialize Animation to Set Morph Target. If you don’t have initialize node you can right click and add it under Add Events.

Then for value dragging (if needed) you can do Try Get Pawn Owner - Cast to your BP - Get MorphValue and hook that up to value in Set Morph Target node. You can also do this in a post process anim blueprint instead if you don’t want to mess with your normal anim blueprint.

Hey cyaoeu,

This is a know way of doing this and is what we were conveying in our responses. Set Morph target requires an in-game tick to function and, as such, will only work in event graph. Thanks for following up!


Hey! Can you mark it as feature request?

You are able to set morph targets in Construction Script by making a Custom Event in your actors Blueprint Event Graph, then in construction script call that function. Then for changes to persist when in PIE, call function in Begin Play.

Not quite the same problem but if someone gets here looking for “Set Morph Targets in Construction script” and needs to do something similar. It’s a bit of a workaround but it’s something.





This is a fantastic solution. Exactly what I was googling for indeed, and it works perfectly.
Thank you very much for posting this!