Morph Target Loss of Detail


I have an issue where morph targets have way less detail in Unreal than in Maya.

What I have here on the left is a static mesh imported into Unreal and to the right I have a skeletal mesh of the same character driven by Morph Targets.
The meshes have the exactly same vertex count and are both in the same pose.

The static mesh to the left looks like it does in Maya, and looks like expected in Unreal.

How come the Morph Target driven mesh looks so different?
The mesh is fairly high res at about 110000 tris. Could it be some optimization on the Morph Targets that are happening?

I’ve tried importing with Compute Normals, Import Normals, and Import Normals and Tangents without any luck.

There shouldn’t be that big of a difference between the Maya result and Unreal Morph Targets?

I managed to solve this by using the Skin Cache feature mentioned here: Alembic File Importer | Unreal Engine Documentation