Morph target import and creation questions

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of building a basic character in the engine and I’ve got a few questions regarding morph targets. I have my character (all meshes and animations were exported from an UDK project as fbx) doing the basics : walking, running, jumping, climbing ladders, that sort of stuff.

Now I’d like to add some morph targets in the mix to test facial animation.

I kind of understood while reading the documentation about morph targets that it was possible to import morph targets in a separate import than the character import itself. However, the documentation only describes how to import morph target and skeletal mesh at the same time.
So is it possible to import a mesh as a morph target for an already imported skeletal mesh? I tried to look around the import options and persona but haven’t found anything.

Which leads me to my second question: I exported the head mesh from UE4, imported it in blender, made a few morphs, imported back to UE4 targeting the skeleton I’ve used for my character. Unfortunately, it haven’t gone too well : the head mesh imported this way is horribly deformed when I play the animations (which are working fine with the original mesh of course). My guess (I’m a dev, and just a hobbyist when it comes to 3D and games creation) is it has something to do with bones axis being different between blender and UDK (where the animation were imported from). Is there a way to fix this? If someone had just a few pointers to give about this issue, that’d be great. Or I think I may have to get all my meshes and animations from UDK to blender to UE4 for the whole thing to work out together in the end. But if there is a way for me to avoid rebuilding all my animations blueprints, I’d happy to give it a try.

Finally, I was wondering if it would be possible to create morph targets in code at runtime? Or to move the mesh vertices directly? I have files storing delta positions for all vertices of my head mesh, and I’d like to be able to read them at runtime and morph the character head from this. I started to take a look at the engine code, but before I dig any further, I was wondering if it was even possible. I’ve made a very small attempt to add a morph target by code so far, and after playing in editor, the skeletal mesh was marked as modified in content browser, which I believe wouldn’t be possible while playing… Any idea on that matter would be very welcome as well.

Thanks all for reading and for any help provided.