Morph Target Curve does nothing

Hi, I tried to animate Alissa from tekken for educational purposes.

I’ve animate both animation and morph in 3D max but when I exported it to Unreal, the Morph target doesn’t play in the animation sequence.
The Morph Curve is there, but the value is None for some reason. I can play around with the morph in the Morph target preview window but the morph animation I exported doesn’t play. It does have the float track but it doesn’t play the wink animation.

The first value when I hover over the key is None, then the value of my morph which is 0 then 1 then 0.

How to get it to work? Have I done something wrong?

Is it also possible to animate morph target in the editor?

In 3D max

In Unreal Engine Track (does not work)

Morph target works in UE4

Okay So I get it working by changing the name of the Curve to one of my Morph target name.

Not sure why the initial export is called A. But the problem is I need both eyes to be closed. and naming the curve only fix one eye. I can fix it by making a duplicate manually but that’s not right way to do it.

How can I add more curve from 3D max to UE4? When I export it always recognized as 1 Curve.

Edit : Ok I notice that this could be a 2013 Max problem. I read a thread somewhere where the imported file only read the first letter which renders the morph animation kinda useless since many objects is derived by many curves.

If you guys are having this problem make sure to download 2014 since the exported was written for 2014. The guy apparently fixed the problem by using Maya 2014.