Morph Target Based on black and white mask

Hello, I am trying to create a car with real time car damage. I want to work with morph targets but I stumbeld into a problem.

When using the moprh targets within blueprints you only get a float to input. if the float is 0 the mesh is not morphed whet the float is 1 the mesh is fully morphed to the second mesh. This work fine.

But I want to have a black and white mask to input into the morph function. This way you would be able to choose only moprh parts of the mesh. Is this possible?


hello, i have get a same requirement,anyone got a reslution for this question?

I know this thread is dead, but just in case anyone stumbles across it and wants the answer it’s this:

You can do this with static mesh morph targets and 3DS Max. It’s entirely possible to mask by vertex colour or masks. You can even scroll a gradient mask to make the various states “flow” across the object.

Sorry it’s years too late for OP but maybe someone else will find this useful.