Morph Target Animation Export

Hi all.

I can’t seem to find any tutorial on this so I’m asking for help^^
I need to export blend shapes animations from Maya. I’ve read the documentation but I could find only how to import skeletal meshes with morph targets but not how to import morph target animations (and how to export them from maya).
When exporting animations I usually bake the animation on the joints and export them as an animation but since the blendshapes are connected to the mesh and not the joints I’m not sure how to proceed…

If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it^^



Create in MAYA Mesh with blendshapes.

Then select “Export Selection” and in export parameters, check Animation and Deformation options.

In UE4 import dialog check “Import as Skeletal” and “Import Morph Target”.

Open your mesh with morph targets in editor.

Thanks but in this way it doesn’t import the premade animations.

I animated the blendshapes in MAYA. I’ve already exported the skeletal mesh with functioning morph targets. My problem is with exporting and importing tha animation, not the blendshapes themselves

The blend shapes keys are exported together with the FBX, as shown by svv3dUDN

While importing be sure to import also the animation: there you’ll see the animation done with the blend shapes…if you want to see/change the animation you need to show the float tracks to see the animation curves

I think I might do a video tutorial about Morph targets, it the 4th-5th topic I see regarding morph target animations not working…

All work normaly.

I add animation.

And import

Try import my test file (4.91 KB)

Hi guys, May be you know, ig this scenario can work in opposite direction? I want to export FBX from UE to Maya with blend shapes animation that I’ve recorded.