Morph one skeleton into a very different one

Hello guys.
So I have these 2 skeletons, a man and a wolf. They have their diferent meshs, diferent animations, everything separated from each other, like 2 different characters in the same level space.

How do I morph one into the other?
Also, I was thinking to do in the cinematic view.

Im very new to UE, so sorry if someone post this thread before, I looked around the documentation and some tutorials all over the web and found nothing like this.

Morphing this setup will be very difficult, also because you can’t morph the skeleton…you can change the position/rotation/scale of each bone, but that will also affect the skinned mesh.

I suggest you to create the Wolf morph using the Man mesh as the base ( and also match the texture UVs which is quite complicated I think ), then in UE4 morph the man skinned mesh to the wolf, then swap the two characters so that you’ll end up having the skeletal hierarchy of the Wolf with the wolf mesh…to go back to the Man you basically need to do the same setup for the Wolf character.
Or use flashes and particle effects to hide the swap and you don’t even need to create the morphs, you’re just cheating which is also fine :slight_smile:

Look at Ready at Dawn’s pipeline ShareFile

Thanks, but the videos are not playing, i can just read the files. Which dont help me cause im very new to this world!!