Morph flickering

It is totally random by the way. Not even consistent. May go 200 to 300 frames then flickers a couple frames. I thought I had it fixed because it ran without any issues for 10 minutes.

Hey I can’t figure this out. I am using 4.9.1 at the moment. I made dynamic materials for my mesh but the morphs flicker no matter what I do. I even replaced the mesh itself with dynamic textures.

Is this broken?

Hello Dmacka,

Thank you very much for reporting this. This is a known issue and is currently being looked into by our development team.

The ticket for this bug is UE-21684.

I will add this thread to the list of users experiencing this issue. This does not appear to happen in 4.8.

My morph target Mesh is flickering in UE 4.12 and I have no idea what’s happening because the report ticket says the problem is fixed.

The setup is described in this post Morph target update rate when keep on a fixed position - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Another post without answers reports the same problem in 4.10 Setting morph target makes mesh flicker madly - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Any help will be appreciatted.