Morph animation: Auto-creation of corresponding material parameter anim curve?

Hi guys,

I have facial animation done in 3dmax using base mesh and 22 custom morph targets. All of them have corresponding normalmaps that can be switched by animating material parameter that is named exactly as the particular morph target. After I import fbx containing morph geometry and animation, I manually create corresponding 22 material curves. As you can imagine, this is LOADS of work. The obvious question is: can this be somehow automated? Can engine make assumption that for each morph target there must be material parameter with same name, and can engine then duplicate each morph anim curve for use with each corresponding material parameter?

Perhaps there is another way to deal with this problem?


hi, I cant help you but, can you help me?
show me how you process your normal map to assign to your blend shape :slight_smile: