Morph a physics object?

Hello, is it possible to add a morph target to a physics object at all?

Also, I’m struggling to find info on how to add morphs to any mesh, without importing a new mesh into Unreal and making it a skeletal actor…


I’ve been trying to do something similar. My (sports) game will feature ragdolls, and like any sports game, I will have character customization (create-a-player mode) where you set the height/weight of the ragdoll, and I need the physics asset to be adjusted accordingly.

My current theorized solution is to morph the mesh, get all the vertices of the resulting morph, create a K-DOP (discrete oriented polytope) using some custom code, create a procedural mesh that represents the K-DOP, and use the procedural mesh as the physics collision (so the mesh will be parented to the procedural mesh). So now I would have a mesh that is physically simulated with a K-DOP as the collision hull. This means I won’t actually use a skeletalmesh + physics asset, I’ll have to instead manually construct the ragdoll from a series of procedural meshes and physics constraints, and then attach static meshes for each body part to the respective procedural meshes. So in essence, the physics asset is a bunch of procedural meshes constrained together.

What I still haven’t figured out is how to get the vertices of a mesh that has just been morphed. Any idea how to do this?

Hey djw, you sound like you know much more about this than I do so doubt I can help you much but maybe someone else can chirp up here to help you out.

Thanks for letting me know I haven’t missed any easy solutions though! It sure would be nice to have had one.

a different approach would be to use the vertex tools to fake the morph through a material