Morkanik - top-down action-adventure shooter

Hello everyone! I am the lead programmer of a new independent game studio startup based in south west UK, Kittens in Timespace. Currently, we are a team of three and are hoping to get some feedback on our first title, Morkanik, which is a medium-paced and challenging top down action-adventure shooter. The player’s goal is to blast through a mansion inhabited by malevolent and hideous mechanical mutants that run rampant around the building, and eventually go on to confront their creator. There are many weapons to collect in the game, and it features a random level generation system that blends hand-crafted rooms within a procedurally generated map.

Some work in progress screenshots

Character renders

Wolfy player character and Rage variation

Prison guard enemy

We would any appreciate any immediate feedback on the idea and artwork presented here, and hope to share more details as part of a full reveal with you all very soon!