More visible volume geometry

So I was looking at stuff and messing around with volumes and in some cases, they are REALLY hard to see in the editor since they’re just an outline and there’s a bunch of other stuff in the level.

It’d be great if you had the option to have the faces of the volume (like a cube volume for example) be highlighted orange or a color of your choosing (or color coded depending on what kind of volume it is) so that you could more easily see it. It’d probably look something like the color of a highlighted face on a brush when you selected it; colored, but you can se=till see through it a little.

Would anyone else like this as well. I’d think it’d be pretty useful in levels with lots of other objects in them.

I know you guys at Epic are pretty busy, but I just think this would be a small useful tweak that would help.

Try “Quick Settings” → Draw Brush Marker Polys. See screenshot.


Awesome thank!!