More UV questions: Maya and Substance Painter


I made this trafficlight in Maya and created a UV set. Importing in Substance Painter went just fine.
But it only shows up as a round circle and only let me paint on the whole model at once in Substance Painter.

Your UV setup basically says that every poly of your mesh is inside this circle, so when you’re painting in circle - you paint on every polygon simultaneously.
You should re-unwrap model in more correct way so each poly have at least some space

It’s most certainly not properly unwrapped.

I’ve never used maya but I’m going to assume that blue line in the second picture is your UV seam, the problem probably lies in what you did right after that (I’m guessing some kind of auto-unwrap thingum?).

Sorry I can’t help more, I’d certainly recommend watching some more tutorials though as it’s something you’ll be doing a lot.

Will do. Maybe I should do the model with seperate meshes to see if that helps?

It might help, but it’s not the cause of the problem.

This might be a good video to watch, I know it’s a bit boring but I wish I spent more time learning this stuff.
It’s one of the most important things to get right with 3d models, if your topology or edge flow isn’t the best maybe no one will notice, too many tri’s? Meh.
But if your UV map is not good people will notice, and things like this will happen.

So in my case I’ve been modelling on and off for 10 or so years but I never bothered to properly unwrap things, which means I never learnt to properly texture or bake good normal maps either, trust me on this if you’re interested in this kind of things take the time to learn all of the boring stuff.

Also if you haven’t, take a look around the polycount forum, there’s a lot of great artists who share tips and I really should spend more time there.

You see your shelf . (loads of buttons), first on the right is to show the UV editor and the one next to it is automatic projection unwrap. It does usually a aweful job but it will make a UV layout that can be painted on at least (usually use the auto-projected UV unwrap as a base for the UV set).

Thanks for the links :slight_smile: Yeah, UVing is never fun. I tried planar, but my model got flat. Atleast it created a full UV set.

Alrighty some progress =]

While you are modelling things it helps to think about how you’ll unwrap them, in this case because it’s such a long/thin object you could also do some horizontal seams where it goes from thin to thicker allowing you to use more UV space.
But just keep going for the moment, doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.

Good tip. Im following this tutorial for a traffic light , so yeah, it might be that my model was to thin.