More than one Grass type per landscape


I love the feature to automagically add foliage to my map with materials (.
But it could be better.

In my case I wish to be able to add more than only one grasstype to the landscape.
As many other people, I want to have parts filled with grass and other parts filled with pebbles or whatever.
But when I add more then one “landscapeGrassOutput” to my material I get the error depicted in the image.

Is there any idea, how to get more then one grasssystems in one landscape?


If the error is stemming from where I’m 98% sure it is, then there’s not really anything that Epic, and by extension UE4 can do to fix this.

This is most likely being caused by the limitations of the SM5 shader technology, which seems to have a particularly difficult time with landscape materials overall. And being that it’s a tech that is neither owned nor does Epic have any direct influence over it, there’s really not much that can be done from where they stand.

Another rather prevalent issue with the SM5 shader that immediately jumps to mind is the fact that it only supports four landscape layers per landscape tile. (I’ve been meaning to check if this encompasses all landscape layers or just those with blend-weighting. But I haven’t had the time recently.) If you do more than four per landscape tile, then everything in that landscape tile will be automatically replaced with the WorldGrid material until the amount of layers present in said landscape tile is four or less.

Of course this could be an entirely different issue, because I’ve never needed these features before.

However, you might want to try turning your secondary grass materials into deferred decals and spread them across the landscape like that. That’s what I would do in such a situation. Also if you choose that route, instancing will be your best friend.

Hopefully this helps you somewhat, good luck!

Select the Grass node, then go to the properties panel and you can add additional Grass Types in there:

This just isn’t true. Im using around 16 landscape layers with out any real trickery.

All you need to do is change the sampler type of the texture input to shared.

Either way. Pretty sure that’s not the problem Chricken is having. Kirk answered the question.

Thank you for your answers.
I got the point and it is working pretty fine now.