More than one aim offset on same base movement?

Hey guys,

So the question is whether I can use more than one aim offset for the same blendspace movement?
For example, If we have shooting game and we have more than one weapon we can equip and each weapon the character equips differently but using the same base movement for all of them.
Is there a way to apply them to the same base blendspace movement? (I tried many ways and couldn’t find a way to achieve this) or I’ll have to make animations movement with different upper body for each weapon he can equip and then there would be many base movement that are the same but only the upper body is different, And if this is the case I feel that this is little bit weird and the aim offset isn’t fully using it power - by the way I understand that Aim Offset is additive, but even when the animator making the base movement animation without moving any of the upper bones it still doesn’t work.

You are equipping a gun to a skeletal mesh with animation sequencers.
You will want a socket on the hand then an array of static meshes for which one you want to equip. An integer to a static mesh from an array to the socket on the player. From there I am a noob.

Hi 1999,

Its not about how to equip a gun and neither about sockets.
It’s whether different aim offset animations can be applied to one same base movement since all of those aim offsets using the same animation movement to move around.