More than 4 Content Browsers?


Is there a way to add more content browsers?

Thank you!

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+1… Such an underrated request…

Extra Content Browsers puhleeze.

Having 10+ Content Browser windows would transform the editor, especially if it was combined with these editor features:

**1. **Lock content browser windows - so they’re fixed - to only show certain assets (subset of materials / meshes / BP’s etc).
Its far too easy to filter some content browser assets and then go into a Blueprint and hit browse to asset erasing the filter.

**2. **The ability to assign assets from multiple content browser windows without needing to click into a specific window first.
Assign content browser assets using the left arrow, but offer a dropdown to choose which content browser window to use. :wink:

Great points ^^

Can’t we just change the number in some .ini file and get a million browsers? ( Obviously I know what I’m talking about. haha :p)

Sir, I would appreciate if you could share where to find that parameter which needs to be changed