More than 1 " final animation pose" node in anim graph ?

So was trying to run a montage and am following the documentation adding layered blend node and such. but towards the end of the doc it all of a sudden shows the layered blend node connecting into a " final animation pose" node. Problem is there is already a " final animation pose " node in the anim graph and some other functions are plugged into it , so I cannot plug my little group of nodes into it , or seem to be able to copy it or create another one. So is there something i’m missing? thanks

You have to slot it in between the preexisting nodes somewhere. The graph’s behavior is very order-of-operations, so depending on where you slot it, it might behave oddly. In that case just slot it elsewhere. If it’s a running montage, it might be that you should slot in the layered blend node just after the first pose driver (typically the first node in the graph)