More than 1 Event Tick, Check If Player isn't grounded

Hello, I have a couple of questions :

1 - How does one check if player is In Air, I would Like to add my own Falling animation which I created quickly to for test purpose
2 - Is it Possible to have more than 1 Event Tick ? I have already added my own Running animation but I’m currently stuck trying to add more animations but It looks like you can only have 1 Event Tick.

I’m using the ThirdPerson Template if that helps, Help a beginner, Thanks in advance

  1. The player’s Movement Component has an ‘IsInAir’ bool that you could use to set your character’s animation if this == true. There is also an IsFalling() function. But you should look at Anim Blueprints, Epic Games did a good YouTube tutorial on them.

  2. No you can’t have more than 1 Event Tick, using Anim Blueprints should solve this issue.…les/index.html